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Ruthi will excite your audience with possibility and inspire them to find and take the next right step toward achieving their goals.

She offers a success formula that is simple and easy to put into practice and she peppers her presentation with stories that are vivid and entertaining.

I share with your audience the secret to success that I learned from my daddy: ‘There is always just one right next step—and you know it because it’s the only one that makes sense. Find that and take it.’

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Lessons to help anyone facing decisions, working to achieve goals, or just dealing with the complications of living.

I learned the values that made me successful from working class people in my childhood neighborhood of Petain Street. The people there couldn’t afford to complicate their lives with yesterday’s problems or borrow tomorrow’s worries. They had to live in the moment. They taught me that, wherever I was going, there was only the next right step, that the only time to accomplish anything was now, and that I could either laugh at set-backs or be overwhelmed by them.

Their lessons that helped me build my career and my business are the lessons shared with participants in my training classes.


  • Young professionals struggling to find their ideal career path or achieve their career goals
  • Anyone seeking a job or promotion and in need of help to prepare them to do a winning interview
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who need to face and overcome the fear inherent in starting a new venture
  • Anyone experiencing a career slump, considering a career change, or just dealing with the complications of living
  • Sales teams in need of motivation and inspiration to meet aggressive goals
My message is for people with dreams—dreams that will take them far from where they started. It’s for people who are determined to follow those dreams in spite of the obstacles in their way, who won’t accept the limits other people try to impose or listen to the voices that tell them, You can’t.

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