Ruthi Postow Birch

Ruthi Postow Birch is the author of HOW TO BUILD A PIANO BENCH: LESSONS FOR SUCCESS FROM A DIRT ROAD IN ALABAMA, a speaker, a trainer, and the owner of a top-rated staffing firm in Washington DC. She also writes a blog and illustrates it with her own drawings and cartoons.

With humor and the innate skill of a natural storyteller, Ruthi captivates and empowers her audience with an endless collection of candid stories of striving, resilience, and self-acceptance in hopes that people under pressure will find relief, and ultimately success, by staying in the moment and focusing on their next right step.

Ruthi started gathering up her stories and lessons for success as a child growing up in a neighborhood that straddled the poverty line. The neighborhood was rich with down-home wisdom which was passed on to her by her mama, a no-excuses, independent thinker ahead of her time, her daddy, a charismatic blue-collar character, and the folks who lived in the dusty yellow mill houses. She spent hours sitting on rickety front porches, listening to the old folks tell her the stories of their lives, joys, worries, and travels, and incorporated them into her personal guidebook for understanding people.

Ruthi’s story is one of overcoming obstacles to reach her goals. Her earliest goal was Daddy’s commandment to, “Get yourself off of Petain Street and make something of yourself.” But it came without a roadmap or instruction manual. As she struggled to understand her own goals and to find the right path for herself, she took several detours, before she finally found her career in Washington D.C. in the staffing business. There she overcame insecurities, fears, and her own flaws and mistakes to rise to the top of this competitive business. At the height of her career, and with three boys in school, Ruthi made the decision to start her own business. With only a limited bank loan and her own grit and drive, she went on to build her successful company.

As part of the generation of women who believed they could have it all, while managing her career and building a business, Ruthi also raised three boys, each of whom is on his own successful path today.

Ruthi is still active as a speaker, trainer, and CEO of her company. When she has a free minute she pursues her childhood passion, drawing cartoons and caricatures. She lives in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia with her husband, Ron Birch, and their soft-coated Wheaten terrier, Mr. Magoo.

Interview with Ruthi Postow Birch on Recalculating (Jul 25, 2017)

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