Ruthi Postow Birch is the author of How To Build a Piano Bench: Lessons for Success From a Red Dirt Road in Alabama, a speaker, a trainer, and the owner of a top-rated staffing firm in Washington DC.

With humor and the innate skill of a natural storyteller, Ruthi captivates and empowers her audience with an endless collection of candid stories of striving, resilience, and self-acceptance in hopes that people under pressure will find relief, and ultimately success, by staying in the moment and focusing on their next right step. Read more about Ruthi.

Lighten up and laugh – we’re all flawed.

Just about everything that made me successful in business and life came from Petain Street and it’s all in this book: how to set goals, accept yourself, flaws and all, get back up when you fall down, live in the moment, and succeed.

“If you want to succeed, you have to do things you don’t know how to do.”

“There’s just one right next step. Find it, take it, and you’re one step closer to your goal.”

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